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Red Bank is a borough in Monmouth County.  Although located in the center of the county, it lies along the Navesink River.  Red Bank is an urban town in Monmouth County with a population of almost 12,000 residents, despite its small size of only ½ square mile.  Of its population, approximately 22% is married. The town is eclectic and it's diverse in its culture and economics.  It offers a unique mix of businesses ranging from antique shops and home good stores to luxury boutiques.  It also offers many upscale and well regarded restaurants.  The town boasts two theatres; The Count Basie Theatre which hosts various performers from Kevin Smith to Bob Newhart and the Two River Theatre which often hosts smaller productions.  The small town even has its own Ice Rink, The Red Bank Armory.  Given its location along the river, Red Bank affords people the opportunity to sail, fish, paddle board and even ice boat sail.  The town boasts many parks and it is known for its lavish Christmas display hosted by Holiday Express each year.

Divorce in Red Bank

Divorce can be a painful and emotional experience.  Every divorce is different yet each has a psychological and financial component to it.  If you and your spouse have an amicable relationship, let the attorneys at Villani & DeLuca, P.C. help foster that relationship and continue to maintain it.  On the other hand, if you and your spouse are unable to work together, the attorneys at Villani & DeLuca, P.C. are also able to help you navigate those murky waters. While you can never control the actions of your spouse, you can control the method in which you get divorced. In New Jersey you have 3 options for getting divorced.  First, the most common method of divorce is still the litigate divorce.  This occurs when you each hire an attorney and utilize the court system. The second method of divorce is mediation when a neutral third party helps couples identify issue that need to be resolved.  Lastly, the newest method of divorce is collaborative divorce when the couple makes a commitment to working out a settlement without going to court and when the help of their own attorney. 

Divorce Mediation in Red Bank

If you live in Red Bank and you are contemplating filing for divorce, you may want to consider mediation as a viable alternative to otherwise contentious litigation.  During mediation, a neutral third party, will meet with you and your spouse and gather all of your financial information and assist you in resolving all issues pertaining to custody, child support, equitable distribution.  The benefits of mediation are numerous.  First, you remain in control over what is important to you and your family.  Second, it is healthier for your family in that any agreement you reach can be customized to meet the specific needs of you and your children.  Third, mediation is much more cost effective than litigation.  When you work with a mediator, you pay one fee for the mediator instead of double the fee for 2 attorneys.  Lastly, mediation tends to be more time efficient.  You are not bounds by the grip of the court system.   Partner Vincent C. DeLuca, Esq., has over 23 years in the practice of family law and has been certified by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey as a mediator. He mediates in excess of 100 cases per year in addition to handling his matrimonial divorce cases.  

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As a founding partner at Villani & DeLuca, Vincent DeLuca is one of only a few Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney in Ocean County, New Jersey. Mr. DeLuca has helped many clients navigate the delicate details of their own divorce. Mr. DeLuca is also a trained divorce mediator and collaborative divorce attorney. Call today at (732) 751-4991 to speak to Mr. DeLuca or one of our experienced NJ Divorce Lawyers.