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Protecting Your Assets During Your Divorce

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Homes & Mortgages

Your may have many good memories in regards to your marital home but there may be some bad ones as well. Deciding on how to divide your marital property could be one of the biggest issues in your Monmouth County Divorce. Your marital home is probably the biggest asset that you and your spouse may have together. The mortgage on your home is also probably the biggest debt in your marriage as well. Our articles will help you understand the options available to you so you can avoid the worst case scenario of losing your home while still being held responsible for mortgage payments.

Personal Businesses

If you and your former spouse decided to form a business while married, could lead to big headaches during your Ocean County Divorce. If your divorce involves a personal business, you should learn how business valuations are addressed. You do not want to risk losing out on your fair share of a personal business just because you did not understand the process and did not hire a divorce lawyer experienced with handling personal businesses.

Retirement And Saving Accounts

People do not often think about retirement accounts such as 401ks or pension or even 529 college saving plans when considering a divorce. You want to make sure your divorce lawyer is ready to handle these financial accounts so you can live as comfortable as possible without risk to your long-term future.

Speak with a Family Law Attorney In Ocean County

If you are contemplating divorces, you should contact a divorce attorney before making any decisions in regards to your finances. A spouse may choice to hide assets or run up credit card debt in order to cause additional strife. Our attorneys at Villani & DeLuca, P.C. are experienced in finding these hidden assets and how to negotiate any debt you may have. Call our attorneys at 732-751-4991 to discuss your case.

Vincent DeLuca, Esq.

As a founding partner at Villani & DeLuca, Vincent DeLuca is one of only a few Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney in Ocean County, New Jersey. Mr. DeLuca has helped many clients navigate the delicate details of their own divorce. Mr. DeLuca is also a trained divorce mediator and collaborative divorce attorney. Call today at (732) 751-4991 to speak to Mr. DeLuca or one of our experienced NJ Divorce Lawyers.