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Is Do-It-Yourself Divorce In NJ For You?

One of the major concerns of people who are getting divorced in New Jersey is the cost and necessity of hiring an attorney. People wonder whether it's financially worth it to hire a lawyer. Often times people mistakenly believe that they can handle the terms of the divorce by themselves. While initially, it may seem financially sensible to save the money that an attorney would cost, the long term repercussions of such a decision could be catastrophic. It makes sense to hire a professional who knows how to handle a divorce proceeding. You do not get a second chance or a do-over with respect to a divorce. You have to make sure you get the right results the first time.

Reasons For A DIY Divorce In New Jersey 

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When considering representing yourself in a divorce, it is important that you weigh the pros and cons when following through on such an important decision. The reasons people will decide to pursue a pro se or self-represented divorce can vary. A pro se divorce means that you will be advocating on your own behalf while in court, rather than having a lawyer represent you. If the person getting a divorce can not afford to hire an attorney, the pro se process might be done out of necessity. There may be serious consequences as a result of obtaining a divorce without having an experienced divorce attorney assist you through the process.

Reasons To Avoid A Pro Se Divorce & Hire A Divorce Lawyer

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Divorce can be emotional and if a litigant is unable to separate the feelings that might crop up during the proceeding, such as anger, from the requirements of the law, it is a bad idea to follow the pro se path. The person representing him or herself in a pro se situation will not have a firm grasp of the Divorce laws in New Jersey which can result in significant negative consequences. If you are choosing to represent yourself and do not understand the concept of marital property and the equitable division of assets in a New Jersey divorce, it is probable that important issues will be missed or mistakes will be made during the case. In the long run, such as not realizing that you may be entitled to a portion of your spouse's account or pension. It might be more beneficial to hire a lawyer to handle the case than run the risk of making an error.

If there is custody of children involved, alimony, child support and child visitation at stake, not having an attorney can lead to major negative costs both financially and personally. A tremendous amount of work that must be done in order to properly prepare for the divorce such as filing papers, interviewing witnesses, preparing financial records and conducting a trial that must be done and is not considered by a person who elects to represent themselves.

Speak To An Experienced NJ Divorce Attorney

If you or a loved one are filing for a divorce in Ocean County, Monmouth County or any other area in New Jersey and are considering a pro se divorce and representing yourself, it is wise to speak to the experienced attorneys from the Law Firm of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey in order to understand and appreciate what your rights are. A divorce may not seem to be all that complicated when watching television or film, but in reality, there is a lot of work that attorneys will do during the divorce that a layperson might not be familiar with. This leaves the person at risk for making drastic mistakes that can be costly financially and personally. There is nothing illegal or overtly wrong about a person choosing to represent him or herself in a divorce proceeding, however, it is imperative to know the potential adverse consequences of acting as your own attorney.

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