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Lacey Township covers almost 100 square miles of Ocean County.  Forked River, another community, is located within the borders of Lacey.  Given its size, Lacey borders Barnegat, Berkeley, Manchester and even Burlington County.  However, in spite of its size, Lacey's population is only 27,000.  A great of township space is covered by Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station.  This is located in the southern part of the township.  Another great portion of its land is protected from development from the Pinelands Act as 2/3 of the township's area is undevelopable.  Located within its borders is the Popcorn Zoo Animal Rescue and Sanctuary.  Also, within its borders, is beautiful Gille Park which is a great place to run, walk or ride your bike. Its proximity to Philadelphia, New York City and Atlantic City, make Lacey a great place to live.  Of Lacey's population, approximately 63% of its residents are married.

Divorce in Lacey Township

If you are getting divorced, or contemplating divorce in Lacey Township, your divorce will fall within the Ocean County Court System.  Currently, there are 7 Ocean County judges sitting on the bench in the family part.  Villani & Deluca, P.C. is the only Ocean County law firm to offer 4 full time attorneys dedicated towards the practice of family law.  They attorneys at the firm are very familiar with the Ocean County Judges as they appear in front of them almost daily.  The firm specializes in all areas of family law including, but not limited to, divorce, child custody and domestic violence. These attorneys, under the guidance of Partner Vincent C. DeLuca, Esq., can help you assess your situation and effectively navigate the best course of action to take to resolve your divorce as efficiently as possible.

Equitable Distribution in a Lacey Divorce

The laws of equitable distribution in New Jersey are relatively straight forward.  Any asset or debt acquired during the course of a marriage belongs to the spouse who earned it.  However, during the course of a divorce, all of the acquired property and debts will be divided between the parties in a fair and equitable manner.  It is important to note that fair and equitable does not mean equal.  Furthermore, there is no set formula to help decide who gets what distribution.  In making that determination, the court will consider a variety of factors both objective and subjective.  Those factors include the length of marriage, age of parties, and each spouse's contribution towards marriage.  It is important to remember that the laws of equitable distribution only apply in court.  Therefore, you and your spouse are allowed to work out the distribution of assets and debts in any manner of your choosing should you resolve your case by yourselves through the use of mediation. 

Lacey Divorce Attorney

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