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Alimony & Financial Support In NJ Divorces

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What is a woman to do if your husband was the main breadwinner and she was a stay at home mom? What if the woman was the primary earner in the family and the husband was a stay at home dad? In both scenarios, it may be the reason a person fears getting a divorce out of fear of being indigent after their divorce. This is where alimony comes into play in a Monmouth or Ocean County Divorces. There are several types of alimony depending on the situation that you are in. You may even be able to receive temporary alimony to support you even while you are in the middle of the divorce process. It is important to understand alimony is different from child support. Alimony is meant to support the spouse while child support is meant to support the children.

Alimony is a complicated but very critical issue when managing your New Jersey divorce. Alimony is financial support that the court may deem one spouse to be required to pay for a specific duration to the other spouse. This form of support is in place so that one spouse who may have been dependent on the other for money to allow them the time to be financially secure while restarting their new life. Our veteran divorce team knows that alimony is a major issue during a contested divorce case. To best protect your future and your legal rights you should speak to an experienced NJ divorce lawyer.

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Our NJ divorce legal team has created some helpful articles to provide a brief overview of the New Jersey divorce laws concerning alimony and palimony. Please remember that divorce laws are different for each state and your divorce deserves a customized approach to address your individual circumstances. You should speak with a qualified family law attorney that is experienced in your local area. Call Villani & DeLuca, P.C. at 732-751-4991.


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