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Brick Township is located in the heart of Ocean County, New Jersey. Brick has over 75,000 residents and is the 13th largest municipality in the State of New Jersey. Brick encompasses over 25 square miles and includes the following neighborhoods: Breton Woods, Cedar Bridge, Cherry Quay, Herbertsville, Laurelton, Lake Riviera, Shore Acres, and West Mantoloking.  Brick borders Point Pleasant, Toms River, Howell, Wall Township and Brielle.  Brick is known for its Summerfest Concert series and fireworks displays in the summertime. Brick was voted the safest city in America in 2006. Brick has twelve schools and two high schools - Brick Memorial and Brick Township.

Brick Township Divorce Attorney

If you reside in Brick Township and are contemplating a divorce filing please consider contacting the law firm of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. Our firm has four experienced full time divorce lawyers who routinely represent the residents of Brick Township. In fact a number our lawyers grew up and spent the majority of their lives in Brick. The attorneys at the firm have extensive experience in handling all types of family and divorce related matters ranging from child custody, alimony, dividing of marital assets, restraining orders, requests to modify support obligations, college contribution as well as many other issues.

In the event you reside in Brick Township and you wish to obtain a divorce your divorce will be finalized in the Superior Court of the State of New Jersey in Toms River. Each County in New Jersey has their own Superior Court House.  The Superior Court in Ocean County New Jersey is located at 120 Hooper Avenue in Toms River, NJ.  Ocean County has three full time Judges assigned to address divorce matters.  Those Judges are Judge Lawrence Jones, Judge John Doran, and Judge Michael Collins. The divorce attorneys at Villani & DeLuca appear before these Judges on almost a daily basis. Additionally at one time or another all of the divorce lawyers at the firm worked for family court judges in either Monmouth County or Ocean County New Jersey.  By having the opportunity to work with Judges in the past the attorneys at the firm gained invaluable insight as to how the Judges wish for divorce cases to be handled.

Free Divorce Consultation In Brick  

Brick Township residents should know that the Law firm of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. offers free divorce consultations. These consultations are completely confidential and will provide you with valuable tips on the divorce process.  You can expect to leave the office after you consultation with a comprehensive understanding as to how the process works and what you can expect. Villani & DeLuca's main office is located in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey. The firm anticipates opening another office in Brick Township in the near future.

Divorce Attorney In Brick

Managing Partner Vincent C. DeLuca, Esq. has over 23 years of experience in handling complex divorce matters.  He is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Attorney. Only five attorneys in all of Ocean County hold this prestigious designation. Mr. De Luca is also an experience divorce mediator.  He if often assigned by the Judges in Ocean County to mediate divorce cases.  Mr. DeLuca mediates hundreds of divorce on an annual basis. Divorce Mediation is often times a more cost efficient manner within which to obtain a divorce. When conducting divorce mediation Mr. De Luca often times does not request an upfront retainer.   He is frequently called upon to provide mediation services to the residents of Brick Township.  Divorce mediation is a cost effective alternative to traditional divorce litigation.  Mr. De Luca has been Certified by the Courts of New Jersey as an economic mediator.  He has been trained extensively in divorce mediation. The majority of cases that Mr. De Luca mediates are within Ocean County.

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Should you wish to discuss the divorce mediation process and you reside in Brick please reach out to Mr. De Luca by calling 732-751-4991 to obtain additional information. 

Vincent DeLuca, Esq.

As a founding partner at Villani & DeLuca, Vincent DeLuca is one of only a few Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney in Ocean County, New Jersey. Mr. DeLuca has helped many clients navigate the delicate details of their own divorce. Mr. DeLuca is also a trained divorce mediator and collaborative divorce attorney. Call today at (732) 751-4991 to speak to Mr. DeLuca or one of our experienced NJ Divorce Lawyers.