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Mantoloking High Net Worth Divorce

Mantoloking is a borough located in Ocean County.  It is situated on the Barnegat Peninsula, also known as Barnegat Bay Island, a narrow barrier island separating the Barnegat Bay from the Atlantic Ocean.  Mantoloking is linked to the mainland of New Jersey via the Mantoloking Bridge.  It is bordered by Bay Head to its north and together, they are considered part of the “Gold Coast” of the Jersey Shore.  According to Forbes Magazine, Mantoloking was the wealthiest community in New Jersey.  In addition, it was ranked as the 15th highest-income place in the United States.  Mantoloking is extremely small with only 300 year round residents with its summer population swelling to almost 5,000.  Of its small population approximately 60% are married.

High Net Worth Divorce in Mantoloking

While divorces of all economic levels are stressful and difficult, divorces involving high net worth individuals often times create additional obstacles.  The most challenging cases are those involving family owned and operated businesses.  The utilization of a forensic accountant is often time required to prepare create a valuation of, not only the family business, but also a cash flow analysis to help determine how much income, and what additional benefits are derived from someone's role in the family business. High net worth cases will often require more time as there are more experts involved than just attorneys.  There are often times financial advisors involved and trust attorneys.  In addition, there can be appraisers involved to help value, not only real estate, but art, jewelry and other high end assets. The attorneys at Villani & DeLuca, P.C. have significant experience assisting business owners, trust beneficiaries, physicians and other high net worth individuals to protect their interests. 

Divorcing Beyond Your Property

High net worth divorces encompass much more than just the division of real property such as primary homes, vacation homes and tangible assets.  High net worth divorces require a lot of navigation around the areas of alimony.  People who have enjoyed a high standard of living will seek to continue that lifestyle post-divorce, which can be a challenge.  Also challenging is the issue of child support.  Determining the appropriate level of child support for high net worth clients is a difficult task for the Courts. The majority of divorce cases rely upon the New Jersey support guidelines which become obsolete after a combined net income exceeding $187,000.00, easily surpassed in high net worth cases.  Thus, judges rely on both financial disclosures (Case Information Statements and tax returns) and a qualitative assessment to determine the true needs of the children.  The attorneys at Villani & DeLuca, P.C. have over 60 years combined experience in all aspects of matrimonial law.  They are the only law firm in Ocean County with 4 attorneys specifically dedicated to the practice of family law.  The attorneys work with highly regarded accountants, appraisers and trust attorneys in dealing with high net worth divorces. 

Mediation Instead of Litigation in Mantoloking

Mediation provides parties in a divorce the flexibility and control over their case that would not otherwise be present in litigation.  It provides parties the ability to resolve their case through agreements and not litigation.  Vincent C. DeLuca, P.C., the managing partner at Villani & DeLuca, P.C., is a New Jersey state certified mediator and is often times appointed by Superior Court Judges in Ocean County to mediate otherwise complex cases. In the event that your case cannot be mediated successfully, Mr. DeLuca is otherwise equipped to protect your rights and advocate for you aggressively in Court.  

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Mantoloking, New Jersey

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