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Ship Bottom Child Custody Attorney

Known as the “Gateway to Long Beach Island” , Ship Bottom is the first town you encounter in Long Beach Island as Route 72 provides the sole road access from the mainland in Manahawkin ending in Ship Bottom as it crosses the Manahawkin Bay.  Ship Bottom derives its name from an accident that occurred in 1817 in which a woman was saved from a ship that had flipped over, when her rescuers cut through the bottom of the hull to get her.  Ship Bottom offers various restaurants and miniature golf, but hosts various annual festivals such as LBI Sea Glass & Art Festival, The Makers Festival and their Fall Festival.  Ship Bottom is a small borough in Ocean County with a year round population of only 1,150, half of whom are married.

Getting Divorced in Ship Bottom

If you are getting divorced or contemplating divorce in Ship Bottom you will fall within the bounds of the Ocean County Court System.  At the present time there are seven (7) family court judges in the Ocean Vicinage. The Law Offices of Villani & DeLuca, P.C. located in Point Pleasant, can provide you with an assessment of your case and actual solutions.  Villani & DeLuca, P.C. is the only Ocean County law firm to offer 5 full time attorneys dedicated towards the practice of family law.  The firm specializes in all areas including but not limited to, divorce, child custody and domestic violence.  These attorneys, under the guidance of Mr. DeLuca, can help you assess your situation and effectively navigate the best course of action to take to resolve your divorce as efficiently as possible. 

Equitable Distribution in New Jersey Divorce

In New Jersey any property or debt acquired during a marriage belongs to the spouse who earned it.  However, in the event of a divorce, all of the acquired property will be divided between the parties in a fair and equitable manner.  It is important to recognize the equal is not the same as fair.  This division, however, is not black and white.  There is no set formula to help decide who gets what.  In order to make that determination, the court will consider a variety of factors both objective, such as length of marriage and age of parties, and also subjective factors, such as each spouse's contribution towards marriage.  It is important to remember that the laws of equitable distribution only apply in court.  Therefore, you and your spouse are allowed to work out the distribution of assets and debts in any manner of your choosing. 

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