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Holmdel High Net Worth Divorce

Holmdel is a township in Monmouth County located 15 miles west of the jersey shore.  It covers approximately 18 square miles.  Holmdel's proximity to New York City (35 miles), its award-winning public schools, rolling hillls and beautiful homes make it desirable for many wealthy residents.  Holmdel is also home to the PNC Bank Arts Center and the former Bell Labs.  Holmdel park covers 565 acres within the town and includes the historic Longstreet Farm, along with other athletic facilities and other amenities.  The average family income in Holmdel in 2010 was $159,633, making it one of the highest in the country.  There are almost 17,000 residents in Holmdel of which 73% percent of all households are married.   

Divorcing in Holmdel

While all divorces are stressful and difficult, those involving high net worth individuals can create more challenges.  Often times the most complex cases are those involving family owned and operated businesses.  In these particular cases, a forensic accountant is usually required to prepare a valuation of the family business from an asset standpoint as well as a cash flow report determining how much income is actually generated from someone's interest in the business.  High asset cases often require more attention given.  The attorneys at Villani and DeLuca have significant experience assisting business owners, trust beneficiaries, physicians and other high net worth individuals to protect their interests. 

Divorcing Beyond Your Property In Holmdel

In addition to separating businesses and real property such as primary homes, vacation homes and tangible assets, high net worth divorces also extend into alimony and child support.  Judges are given great latitude under the New Jersey statute to award alimony.  This becomes extremely challenging in those cases where the parties have grown accustomed to a high standard of living.  Also challenging is the issue of child support.  New Jersey support guidelines become obsolete after a certain income threshold which is easily surpassed in high net worth cases.  The attorneys at Villani and DeLuca have over 60 years combined experience in all aspects of matrimonial law.  The attorneys work with highly regarded forensic accountants who create business valuations and cash flow analysis. 

Mediation Instead Of Litigation In Holmdel

As with most matters in divorce, it is beneficial to both parties if the issues can be reached through agreements instead of litigation.  Mediation provides the parties the flexibility and control over their  case that you would not otherwise get in Court.  Vincent DeLuca, Esq. has been certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as a mediator and is frequently appointed by Superior Court Judges to mediate otherwise complex cases.  In the event that your case cannot be mediated successfully, Mr. DeLuca is prepared to protect your rights and advocate for you aggressively in Court.  

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