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Monmouth County Divorce Lawyer Outlines Alimony

Posted by Unknown | Apr 12, 2016 | 0 Comments

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Alimony, also known as spousal support, is one of the most contentious issues in a divorce.  The purpose of alimony is to help a former spouse maintain the level of life he or she was living during the marriage.  However, alimony is generally not awarded for short marriages, and it can be reduced or terminated under certain conditions.  Some of these conditions include the former spouse getting remarried or finding more lucrative employment, or the paying spouse going into retirement or dying.  Currently, New Jersey recognizes four types of alimony:

  • Limited Duration: This is temporary financial support, paid out for a specified period of time in order to cover or supplement the former spouse's living expenses.
  • Rehabilitative: Some spouses lack the education and training needed to find a job that pays enough for them to become self-sufficient. The requesting spouse must submit a proposal with information such as the steps that will be taken to become self- sufficient, and the duration of time needed for educational/ training purposes. 
  • Reimbursement: These payments go toward compensating a spouse who supported his or her former spouse through life changes, such as going back to school or starting a new business. The court may recognize that the supporting spouse has a right to benefit from the former spouse's improved circumstances.
  • Open Duration: In some cases, a spouse may be granted open durational support for having to give up education or career opportunities during the course of a long marriage in excess of twenty years. Although rare, permanent alimony can be awarded in short-term marriages due to extenuating circumstances, such as the dependent spouse suffering from a life-long disability.

Discuss Your Alimony With A Monmouth County Divorce Lawyer

Alimony is a complex and sensitive issue that requires knowledge of the state's divorce laws.  There are many misconceptions about alimony, such as the idea that a cheating spouse will not be granted financial support.  Each divorce has its own set of unique circumstances, which should be reviewed by an experienced Monmouth County Alimony Lawyer.  To learn more about your rights and options, please speak with Partner Vincent C. DeLuca, Esq. of Villani & DeLuca.  Mr. DeLuca is a state Supreme Court certified Matrimonial Attorney, a board certification attained by only 158 attorneys in all of New Jersey.  Please call (732) 965-3350 today to schedule a free consultation with Mr. DeLuca!

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