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Villani & DeLuca Testimonials

C.D. Recommends Vincent C. DeLuca

"I highly recommend Vincent DeLuca as a collaborative divorce attorney.  I hired him back in 2010 for a collaborative divorce, and his involvement helped to make it a success.  He was already skilled in that area of law, at that time, despite it being new to many people in NJ.

In a collaborative divorce both lawyers become part of the “team”, yet in private they still offer guidance to their clients (that is my take on the process).  So I wanted a lawyer who was both a team player and a straight shooter.  If I was asking for too much I wanted him to tell me, and if I was not holding a fair line I also wanted to know.  Throughout the process he offered that kind of honest guidance to me, and he helped to keep our son's needs front and center.  He also has skills as a mediator, and it was apparent to me that he truly wanted what was best for our son.

Vince is also capable of being assertive and seeing through tactics and posturing.  I certainly did not want a typical divorce battle, but I want to be clear that if I had one I also would trust that Vince could help to protect me from those pitfalls.  In many ways I feel he offers a great blend of all of those skills and needs.  He is caring, experienced, creative and tactful.  And above all he earned my trust at a high level.  I ended up contacting him three other times, and referring a handful of friends to him.  I wish you luck on your current challenges and recommend that you consider a consultation with Vince to see if he is a good fit for your needs."

– C.D.

Vincent DeLuca, Esq.

As a founding partner at Villani & DeLuca, Vincent DeLuca is one of only a few Certified Matrimonial Law Attorney in Ocean County, New Jersey. Mr. DeLuca has helped many clients navigate the delicate details of their own divorce. Mr. DeLuca is also a trained divorce mediator and collaborative divorce attorney. Call today at (732) 751-4991 to speak to Mr. DeLuca or one of our experienced NJ Divorce Lawyers.