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Should I get a New Attorney?

Posted by Unknown | Aug 01, 2020 | 0 Comments

No one wants to face the prospect of looking for a new attorney when the re embroiled in a complicated divorce. After all, you've invested a lot of time and money with this person, and the idea of starting over with a stranger is frustrating, as well as frightening. It's also important to note that judges do not look favorably upon individuals who repeatedly fire their attorneys. However, there are circumstances that should not be ignored in any relationship, whether it be intimate or professional. On the other hand, an attorney-client relationship should not be examined with the subjectivity and emotions that you would feel towards a personal relationship.

In fact, your emotions are the first things you should examine when it comes to evaluating your attorney's performance. For example, is your attorney telling you something that's difficult to hear, or is he deliberately ignoring your wishes? While attorneys serve as your personal advocate, they also have an obligation to provide you with sound legal advice. This means that they are obligated to advise you against actions that are illegal, or could end up hurting you in the long run. You should, of course, be spoken to in a respectful and professional manner. Your attorney should also give you his or her full attention during your appointments, and express compassion for your concerns. If you feel that your attorney does not genuinely care about your case, or about you as a client, you may have legitimate reason to look for new representation.

You may also have reason to believe that your lawyer does not fully understand your legal issues, in which case you should obtain a second opinion from another attorney. If it turns out that your lawyer used procedures or legal strategies that are not in line with standard practices, you may want to consider hiring another attorney. However, you may be advised that your attorney acted in accordance with standard legal procedures, and that your case would probably be handled in a similar manner at most other law firms. In this case, you will want to think long and hard about whether or not to start over with a new attorney. Before you make any decisions, it's highly recommended that you speak to your current attorney about your concerns. Personality clashes and minor miscommunications should be worked out if at all possible, especially if you are in the middle of litigation. You should also read over your contract to verify what steps you need to take in order to terminate your attorney-client relationship.

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