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How do you Survive Divorce Mediation?

Posted by Vincent C. DeLuca | Oct 06, 2020 | 0 Comments

The entire divorce process is generally an unpleasant experience.  The thought of uprooting your children is nauseating to almost everyone.  To survive divorce mediation, you should really think about what the alternative to divorce mediation consists of.  Divorce litigation is the alternative and typically divorce litigation can be a nightmare.  Imagine having to communicate with your spouse through the use of lawyers on silly issues such as who gets to pick the kids up from school; imagine having a complete stranger, the Judge, decide who gets to take the kids to Disney World this winter break, etc. 

Cases that proceed by way of litigation usually last much longer than mediated cases and they cost typically 5 to 10 times as much as a divorce mediation.  Also, cases that end up being litigated end up back in court way more frequently than mediated cases.  Often, mediated divorce agreements contain a return to mediation clause which requires the parties to return to mediation should a dispute arise in the future.  This way you can almost be assured that you will never have to go to court to resolve future disputes.

There is no easy way to get through the divorce process but there is a more civilized way and that is by utilizing divorce mediation.  A good mediator can also take the scariness out of the process, an effective mediator will be able to engage you and your spouse in a way that is not confrontational.  In other words, a good mediator will do most of the work for you.

Should you have any questions about the divorce mediation process please feel free to call Vince DeLuca at the Villani and DeLuca law firm.  Vince mediates many divorce cases on a daily basis, and he is often times called upon by the courts to mediate the most contentious litigated cases.  Call today and he will help you survive the process. 

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